The final score for the Alabama vs Mercer Game ended with Alabama 41 and Mercer 14. During their game fans had a lot to say about the type of energy they bring when they play games like this. Every time our players step onto the field they have that type of motivation saying we have what it takes to overcome any obstacle that comes our way. 

On Instagram @alabamafbl had a lot to say about our team and what they were ready to do once they stepped into the stadium. In the post “Walk of Champions” we see Nick Saban the players walking beside each other getting ready to fight the fight. 


In this next post called “Have a Day” we see our team coming together after making a touchdown for the Tide. There is nothing like the joy of being cheered by the fans and your team for making a score. At that point, the team was in the lead and taking control of the game.


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While Saturday was day for our team’s victory it was also a day to remember the lives of people died during the most terrible time in history. There are times when we wish it were not just the dark times that bring us closer together, but it is the people by our side that make those dark times worth having. So, as we celebrate our victory let us also take the time to remember those who will never be forgotten. 

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