As the Alabama Crimson Tide look in the rear view mirror for the Auburn Tigers and Georgia Bulldogs in the next two games, they have one more team waiting for their opportunity, the Citadel.

Another Bulldogs team comes into Tuscaloosa this weekend with the thoughts on upsetting the Crimson Tide, if you follow the team on social media they are having fun with the idea.

But its not how bad would an upset be in this non-conference match up, it's how long can the Citadel hang on with the Crimson Tide and how long quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will have to stay in the game?

Here is who the Tide 102.9/100.9 staff has winning this weekend between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Citadel.

Martin Houston, Host of The Blitz

Well it’s the annual help a little brother out week. Alabama comes off a hard fought, but solid win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. All week Saban has tried to convince us that this will be a competitive game and Tua has to play. Okay coach we hear you! Alabama covers the spread after a quick Offensive explosion and another stout performance by the Alabama defense. Citadel has a few sparks off a few option runs, but not enough sparks to light up the scoreboard.
Alabama 55 - The Citadel 0

Wimp Sanderson, Co-Host of Inside the Locker Room

Bama will hope to get a lead and then empty the bench. I look for The Citadel to be able to run clock due to not throwing much. This game will give Alabama coaches to look at several young players to see what the future holds.
Alabama 38 - The Citadel 3

Barry Sanderson, Co-Host of Inside the Locker Room

The triple option is hard to simulate in practice. It will take Bama a quarter to get the feel for defending this offense. I look for Bama to pour it on in the 2nd quarter and empty the bench in the second half.
Alabama 48 - The Citadel 0

Gary Harris, Host of The Gary Harris Show

Alabama fans only seemed concerned this week with why the best college football coach in the country wants to play his starting quarterback this week against The Citadel. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Saturday’s game counts. Tua Tagovailoa and all the starters that are cleared to play, will play and the Tide will roll.
Alabama 55 - The Citadel 0

Travis Reier, Host of Southern Fried Sports

This is the score from last year’s Citadel-Clemson game, so I’m rolling with it. #analysis
Alabama 61 - The Citadel 3

Ryan Fowler, Host of The Game

Tua Tagovailoa plays the 1st quarter and that is all the Crimson Tide will need.
Alabama 48 - The Citadel 0 

Benjamin George, Digital Managing Editor

Will Nick Saban actually start Tua Tagovailoa this game? That’s about the only thing I’m interested in. The Crimson Tide will score a lot for 30 minutes and then pack it in and get to the Iron Bowl.
Alabama 55 – The Citadel 3

Josh Smith, Producer

Coach Saban has been adamant about playing every team with the same respect, regardless their record. This will be a great game to focus on run stuff technique, especially looking ahead. The Crimson Tide will see Tua Tagovailoa, though most are against this call. Don't expect to see him out there for more than a couple drives. No score November continues if the defense does their job.
Alabama 45 - The Citadel 0 

James Hardy, Producer

With the injury cloud hovering over the Alabama quarterback position and The Citadel bringing a triple option offense in town, don’t expect the ball to travel through the air very much Saturday afternoon. Even if Tua Tagovailoa starts at quarterback, expect to see plenty of Mac Jones throughout the game.
Alabama 48 - The Citadel 7

Marquis Munson, Brand Manager/Producer

I’m going through No Shave November like Alabama is going through No Score November. Nothing will change this weekend for either one of us.
Alabama 52 - The Citadel 0

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