After another dominating performance last weekend against the Texas A&M Aggies, the Crimson Tide stays home for a non-conference game against Louisiana-Lafayette.

The Crimson Tide are coming into this game with one of the most explosive offenses we've every seen in Tuscaloosa led by quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with over 1,000 yards passing and 12 touchdowns and has yet to play four quarters of football.

Here is who our Tide 102.9 staff has winning this early game match-up between the Crimson Tide and the Ragin Cajuns.

Martin Houston, Host of The Blitz

Alabama begins a 4 week stretch of developing depth and building the run game. I see very little challenge to the Tide, as Billy Napier brings his Ragin Cajuns to town. The score is tricky, because Saban doesn’t want to embarrass his former assistant, but it can’t be avoided. The passing game and running game both go over 250 yards for over 500 total yards, maybe hitting 600+. This leads to another blowout victory and Tua enhancing his Heisman stock for the 5th consecutive week, despite not playing a complete game. Something we may not see until game 9, if then!
Alabama 62 - Louisiana 3

Wimp Sanderson, Co-Host of Inside the Locker Room

Coach Saban always has a message to team that has them ready to play regardless of opponent. Look for the bench to be emptied mid way thru the 3rd quarter.
Alabama 47 - Louisiana 6

Barry Sanderson, Co-Host of Inside the Locker Room

Alabama will look to get the absent running game going. They will continue to move the ball with ease. Bama fans  will find out they have a lot of talent they’ve never seen play significant minutes.
Alabama 56 - Louisiana 0

Gary Harris, Host of The Gary Harris Show

Nick Saban has no interest in running up the score on Billy Napier who served from 2013 through 2016 as Saban's wide receivers coach at Alabama. Still, Bama is going to score a lot of points in this game, because frankly the Tide offense is a lot better than the Louisiana defense. This will be another game where the outcome is decided before halftime. Look for the Tide to roll to 40 plus points in the first half and then just try to get the game over in the second half as fast as possible. A lot of different guys will get to play for Bama before this one is over.
Alabama 62 - Louisiana 10

Travis Reier, Host of Southern Fried Sports

After taking down Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M the previous week, Nick Saban's record against former assistant coaches sits at a perfect 13-0. Former UA staffer and first-year ULL coach Billy Napier won't be able to keep the number from going to 14 in a row in Tuscaloosa.
Alabama 59 - Louisiana  7

Ryan Fowler, Host of The Game

Alabama and Louisiana kicks off at 11 a.m. on Saturday and will be over by 11:30 a.m. I do believe the Crimson Tide can take advantage of the inferior competition by getting the rushing attack cranked up.
Alabama 48 - Louisiana 0

Ben George, Digital Managing Editor

What all can you really say about a game with a 50-point spread? The only thing that should be interesting about this one is whether or not Alabama can cover that number. I’d expect Nick Saban to work on figuring out the running game, which should slow down the scoring. How much will Tua Tagovailoa play is another question. With that said, I’d still expect this offense to put up big numbers in the first half and be right under the spread and total.
Alabama 52 - Louisiana 7

Josh Smith, Producer

The Crimson Tide were just one touchdown short of breaking 50 against a decent Aggie defense. Expect to see another high scoring victory, but don't expect to see Tua in the 4th quarter.
Alabama 52 - Louisiana 7

James Hardy, Producer

As it has for the previous four games, Tua and company will roll up and down the field, posting big numbers and lighting up the scoreboard. The only question that remains is not only if, but when Jalen Hurts plays his 5th game of the season.
Alabama 55 - Louisiana  10

Marquis Munson, Brand Manager and Producer

After watching that performance week against the Aggies and the week before against the Rebels, this is offense looks like too much to stop and it's going to take a top tier defense to do so. The Ragin Cajuns aren't that defense.
Alabama 62 - Louisiana 6

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