Former Alabama football head coach Gene Stallings spoke on Tide 100.9's The Game with Ryan Fowler on Wednesday afternoon. Stallings discussed his career, time at Alabama and more. When finishing up the conversation, he mentioned an idea to Fowler about an extra way Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide football team could give back to the community.

"I got a little suggestion that you might mention to coach Saban somewhere along the line. Just charge $1 a head and let the senior's take that money and give it to somebody that needs it. And that'll teach those seniors a lesson about giving back and it won't go to anybody, anything, just let them give $1 if they want to, $1 don't have to. Take that money and make some kind of decision that will be of benefit somebody in the area. I think that would just be a plus for the Alabama football program," said Stallings.

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Stallings worked under coach Paul "Bear" Bryant as a defensive assistant from 1958-64, during two of the Tide's national championship teams. Then, he came back as the head coach of the Tide from 1990-96, winning a national title in 1992.

The Aggies alumnus is an advocate for giving back and helping the communities around him. He has had a big impact on the RISE Center, a program on campus that helps kids with special needs.

In 1987, Stallings appeared in an United Way commercial with his son John Mark "Johnny," who was born with Down's syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by an extra 21st chromosome.

"It's always a joy to be on your show. Don't hesitate to pick up and give me a call, I'll be on your show anytime, you do a great job and you promote college football and the RISE Program. I really appreciate you for that, you've done a good job my friend," said Stallings to Fowler.

The full interview with coach Stallings can be found here.

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