Gene Stallings joined Wimp and Barry Sanderson on Inside The Locker Room this morning to discuss Taulia transferring out of Alabama, the nature of the Alabama coaching job, the Texas A&M and Texas rivalry, Tua going to the Dolphins and more. You can listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud and on the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.


Stallings was asked about Taulia transferring out and if the Crimson Tide had too many quarterbacks. he said that he wasn't ever concerned about recruiting too many quarterbacks as a head coach because he could often find them different positions.

"I was never hesitant to recruit a guy who played quarterback in high school. Even if he wasn't the best quarterback he would probably be better than some other defensive back you'd be trying to recruit," said Stallings.

"I've never been affiliated with a team that had too many good quarterbacks," Stallings continued.

Stallings talked about coaching at Alabama and said a successful football coach would have an appreciation and a love for the university. He talked about how difficult the job is at Alabama and said that if a coach did not covet the job and cherish the position then they would not be successful.

Stallings, a Texas A&M alum and former Aggies coach, talked about the rivalry that school has with Texas and stated the schools should come to an agreement to continue to play that rivalry. He stated some feelings may have been crossed up which has led to the universities not competing with one another.

The Alabama legend spoke about Tua Tagovailoa's selection by the Miami Dolphins and called the pick "a little risky" because of Tagovailoa's injury history. He called him extremely accurate and athletic but mentioned there is a risk in taking him so early.

Stallings coached defensive backs for the Dallas Cowboys and spoke about the nature of defenders playing man-to-man defense. He talked about defenders needing to know the purpose of the back-peddle to create space and spoke about defenders playing inside or outside leverage.

Lots of speculation has come up surrounding how much time college football teams need in order to prepare for the upcoming college football season. Stallings said he could have his team ready in a month's time and called it plenty of time to prepare to play the first game.

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