What is there to do in Tuscaloosa? According to current Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian, nothing. The current leader of the Longhorns spent three football seasons in Tuscaloosa but apparently the California-native did not find the city accommodating to off the field activities.

At a Houston Touchdown Club meeting Sarkisian confirmed that the Alabama players do indeed go to class, primarily because there aren't any other options. Maybe Tuscaloosa wasn't Sarkisian's cup of tea, or maybe he was just joking with the Texas faithful but I contend the city has a lot to offer outside of college football's premier pigskin program.

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Tuscaloosa knows how to have fun, especially when the sun goes down. From the rooftop at Rounders, to trivia at Innisfree, collecting the Galletes cups or singing karaoke at Jackies. The Tuscaloosa night life scene has a scene to placate anyone's tastes.

If nightlife isn't your scene and you have a taste for the outdoors Ttown still has plenty to offer. You can take a stroll on the Tuscaloosa River Walk and enjoy the scenic views of the Black Warrior River, make your way to Lake Tuscaloosa and enjoy a day on the water or explore the trails at Van De Graff park and Arboretum. The "City of Champions" has plenty to excite the weekend warrior.

Football is not the only athletic attraction on campus either, Alabama won the SEC Championship in basketball, gymnastics and softball. The rowing team earned its way to the NCAA Finals for the first time in program history, the baseball team had one of its best season in recent memory. Alabama women's hoops received an NCAA Tournament bid for the first time since 1999 as well.

Whether its a show at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, swimming at the UA recreational pool, throwing axes at Civil Axe or bowling at Bowlero the city of Tuscaloosa is a growing economic market with activities for all ages. Maybe the new Texas head coach was just too focused on his historic offensive output to enjoy his time outside of the office.

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