Alabama High School Athletic Association executive director Steve Savarese told Fox Sports 910-1310 AM The Game High School Football Media Days in Opelika today that the ASHAA would announce its plans for the upcoming high school season on Thursday.

The board will work into the evening tonight and again on Wednesday prior to making the plans public on Thursday.

The AHSAA will do several things to encourage social distancing on the sidelines and sanitation. Players previously could stand on the sidelines from 20-yard line to 20-yard line, this upcoming year the AHSAA will allow 20 more yards  of space allowing the players to go from 10-yard line to 10-yard line.

Additionally timeouts will be extended to two minutes to allow for more time to sanitize equipment. Players will also need personal hydration equipment and will not be allowed to share water bottles.

Practice is anticipated to begin as previously scheduled on August 3 with an acclimation period preceding it, starting July 27.

Savarese stressed that what is being finalized this week it the AHSAA's, "return-to-play" plan and not a plan that intends to delay the start of sports.

This announcement comes after Georgia and Mississippi opted to delay the start of its high school season by two weeks.

Football this fall will look a little different at every level this fall but the important part is that the athletes are able to enjoy playing the sport as much as possible while staying safe.

We look forward to hearing from Savarese and the AHSAA again on Thursday to find out exactly what the plan is for high school sports.

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