I don’t know about you but I let out a big cheer when the Tuscaloosa Thread posted about the “long and taxing walk” to get to the upper deck of Bryant-Denny stadium. I felt like they were speaking up for me. Seriously, have you ever done that hellacious trek? I did once, and I have never entered the stadium again.

I guess I’m not the only one that says “heck no” to agonizing spiraling ramps.

The Tuscaloosa Thread also reported that good news is on the way. “Greg Byrne, the Athletic Director of the University of Alabama, said long-term plans are in the making to add around 20 elevators to the stadium, although it will likely be several years before they come to fruition.”

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I’ll be counting down those several years.

Young or old, if you are ready for the challenge of the trek to the upper deck. I suggest you get to stretching first. Here are some great stretches to help you out. Let me know how it works out for you. Send me pictures because you won’t see me until those elevators are in place. Roll Tide.

Here is a good full-body stretch

Neck, Shoulder, & Back Stretches

Here is a 5-minute stretch


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