Tua Tagovailoa has decided on his new jersey number with the Miami Dolphins. Tagovailoa will wear number one as announced on the Miami Dolphins Twitter account and Tagovailoa's personal Twitter account. Fellow Crimson Tide rookie, Raekwon Davis will wear number 98 for the Dolphins.

Tagovailoa released this edit on his personal Twitter account with the caption, "For the audience of 1" a reference to Tagovailoa's faith. A Dolphins twitter user already edited him in the white jersey with his new number. Tagovailoa wore number 13 in college but that number is retired with the Dolphins for Dan Marino. The first-round draft pick said he did not need the number unretired just for him. Tagovailoa wore number 11 in high school so there was some speculation that he may revert back to that number. Others speculated that he would go to a different single digit number, 3.

The rest of the first-round draft pick quarterbacks have selected their numbers, Joe Burrow keeps his college number nine, Justin Herbert and Jordan Love also retain their college numbers, 10 for both of them. The jersey sales for these quarterbacks will likely be off the charts.

For Crimson Tide fans looking to support Tagovailoa by purchasing his jersey, they are already available on NFLShop.com. You can purchase them in men's, women's or youth jerseys.

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