The NFL's rookie wage-scale all but made Tua Tagovailoa's rookie contract with the Miami Dolphins a matter of formality. The only real negotiation power rookies have entering the NFL is the offset language that gets put into the contract. According to ESPN's Field Yates, Tagovailoa and the Dolphins have reached an agreement.

Tagovailoa's contract is a four-year contract worth $30 million dollars with a fifth-year team option. This is a standard contract for first-round draft picks. His fifth-year option would net the quarterback an additional $23+ million guaranteed.

Tagovailoa becomes the highest draft pick to date to come to an agreement with his club. Offset language that can often hold up negotiations usually involve payment schedules of his $19.5 million dollars, restrictions for the player's off-field activities and negotiations over potential discipline issues that may arise. Tagovailoa clearly was satisfied with the language used in his contract and signed the deal today.

The young quarterback already made quite a purchase over the weekend by gifting his mother a new Cadillac Escalade for Mother's Day. The vehicle retails from $67,000-$95,000 depending on model and customization.

Tagovailoa now has his contract finalized and several endorsement deals already in place, he can now focus on the most important thing; traveling to Miami and performing well for the rebuilding Dolphins.

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