A KIA dealership in Tallahassee has decided to put an offer out to customers that might be the most generous we've seen yet. Kia AutoSport of Tallahassee will write you a check for the price of any car you purchase between January 1 and January 6 if Florida State scores 56 points in the BCS National Championship Game.

It's not uncommon for a company selling expensive products to try and drum up business by making an outlandish offer around an upcoming sporting event, but this one at least seems within reach.

Florida State is the top-ranked team in the country and boasts the best scoring offense as well, averaging 53 points per game. This dealership is offering a deal that's based on the Seminoles scoring just three points above its average, and total the team has reached in three games this year.

Sure, Auburn brings an SEC defense into the game, but that unit has been far from stingy this season. The Tigers have allowed over 40 points twice, most recently in the SEC Championship Game.

It's still a longshot to occur, but we'll give this dealership credit for making the offer reasonable, even if it is a KIA.

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