Much ado has been made throughout the college football world regarding the use of name, image, and likeness money as a recruiting tactic. NIL was introduced in to the world of college athletics in June of 2021 by a Supreme Court ruling in the case of NCAA v. Alston and very little has been done to regulate it since.

However, schools still are not allowed to directly pay a player for their performance and NIL deals cannot be contingent on students signing with a certain school. Nick Saban made headlines in May for accusing Texas A&M of doing just that, saying they "bought every player on their team."

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Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher vehemently denied the accusations in an impromptu press conference the very next morning and even went so far as to say he and Saban's professional and personal relationships were "done" because of the accusations.

However, based on new video evidence that surfaced Thursday morning, it would appear there was some merit to Saban's accusations in May, as an Aggies recruiter was filmed telling recruits, "y'all getting a lot of money from the people behind these suites if you decide to come play here," while gesturing to the luxury boxes at Kyle Field.

At this time it is unclear which A&M staffer made the quid pro quo.

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