The Texas Rangers are in the playoffs and if you are lucky enough to snag tickets, make sure you bring your appetite with you.

The team will be selling the Sweet Spot Cotton Candy Dog, a hot dog with cotton candy-infused mustard and cotton candy itself on top of it to give your frankfurter that injection of sugar and artificial coloring you never knew you needed.

If that treat doesn't turn your stomach (or the Rangers play doesn't do the trick), there are three other new items on the menu at Globe Life Park for the playoff run, courtesy of Delaware North Sportservice, which provides the concessions at the stadium.

The Elvis Jabberdog Brownie -- This is a two-foot-long brownie with a Rice Krispies crust that's dipped in funnel cake batter. Then, it's fried before whipped cream is added to expedite the corrosion of your arteries.

The One-Pound Top-N-Go Cheetos -- You like Cheetos? Then, listen up. This carnival of cheesiness features a one-pound bag of Cheetos covered with either chili, taco meat, shredded chicken or brisket and smothered with nacho cheese and jalapeno peppers.

The Inside-out Hot dog -- This mammoth one-pound, eight-inch-long hot dog is cut in half and filled with mashed potatoes or mac and cheese, then covered in brisket, chili or shredded chicken. It comes on a pretzel bun and you'll need to eat it with a fork and knife before your stroke renders it impossible for you to use your arms.

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