After weeks of speculation and question marks regarding the final four for the College Football Playoff, we will finally have our first clear picture Tuesday night.

The college football playoff committee, made up of representatives of the power 5 conferences, will make their first selections of the 2020 season. This season, which has been unlike any other in the history of college football, has a lot more questions than answers when it comes to the selection process.

In a question and answer session on Sunday, Bill Hancock the executive director of the college football playoff committee addressed the process when it comes to selecting the final four teams.

"The protocol for ranking the teams has not changed," Hancock said. "The selection committee will continue to watch games, assess every team, and use the available data. A lot of football has been played and remains to be played, even with mostly conference-only schedules. The selection committee will continue to use factors such as wins against top 25 teams, wins against teams with winning records, and their expertise to come together and select the best four teams week by week."

Hancock also addressed how the committee would handle Covid-19 losses and cancellations in the selection process.

"We are not involved in protocols that decide which teams need to cancel games or have their players isolate or quarantine," Hancock said. "We will handle the player-availability issue the same way we have done in the past. If a key player misses a game, the committee will know and consider whether the absence affects the on-field performance. COVID cancellations will happen, and the committee will continue to make decisions based on the games played each week."

For those of you fans reading wondering if the college football playoff committee discussed an expansion of the playoffs for this season, they did, and it wasn't the answer most hoped for.

"The CFP management committee considered expanding the College Football Playoff this year and decided against it," Hancock stated. "The year 2020 has been one of uncertainty and change, but we are not changing the playoff format.

Tonight, the college football world waits for the first announcement of the final four teams in the playoff. While there are sure to be disagreements and uneasy feelings about the decision, keep in mind that this is only the first reveal of the final four teams. The final decision will be announced on December 20th at 12 PM.

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