There are 57 Crimson Tide players in the NFL for the 2020 opening week. With only 53 roster spots for any NFL team, Alabama could fill an entire NFL roster and half a practice squad with just it's alumni.

The even crazier part? That team could compete in the NFL.

Of course, kicking would be a problem for this NFL version of the Crimson Tide, as naturally there is not an Alabama kicker in the league. Maybe someone can pull double duty, but more on that later.

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Here is the definitive starting lineup for the 2020 All-Bama NFL team.

*We will not be including players who opted out or are on the injured reserve expected to miss the entire season. Sorry CJ Mosely and Dont'a Hightower fans.


  • TUA TAGOVAILOA, Miami Dolphins
Photo Courtesy of @Tua on Twitter
Photo Courtesy of @Tua on Twitter

Sure, Tua Tagovailoa isn't the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback yet, but anyone with a basic understanding of the NFL knows it won't be long before his fresh No. 1 trots on the field to sling southpaw touchdowns for the teal and orange.

We've all heard the abundance of measurables and features of Tagovailoa's game that make him a sure-fire All-Pro at the next level. Despite his injury concerns, Miami still spent its 5th-overall pick, and subsequently the franchise's foreseeable future, on Tagovialoa.

And yes, I'm choosing Tagovailoa over AJ McCarron. Though I wouldn't turn McCarron away as this team's veteran backup option.


  • DERRICK HENRY, Tennessee Titans
  • KENYAN DRAKE, Arizona Cardinals
Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v Baltimore Ravens
Getty Images

What would the All-Bama NFL team be without a dangerous one-two punch out of the backfield? Tennessee Titans star Derrick Henry lead the league in rushing yards a season ago (1540 yards) and rushing touchdowns with 16. Henry put the Titans on his back for a remarkably unexpected playoff run that nearly toppled the eventual champion Kansas City Chiefs. After locking down a mammoth 4-year, $50 million deal, Henry shows no signs of slowing down.

As for Kenyan Drake, he can pull the pass-catching and outside run duties as the change of pace back, but that's far from relegation. Like so many ex-Dolphins last year, Drake saw a resurgence when he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals. Drake's stat line was better in 8 games in Arizona than any single season he spent in Miami. With little resistance in the Cardinals' backfield, Drake's value will only soar like the Red Sea in the desert.

Passing on Josh Jacobs and Mark Ingram wasn't easy. Expect both to have monster season too.


  • JULIO JONES, Atlanta Falcons
  • AMARI COOPER, Dallas Cowboys
  • JERRY JEUDY, Denver Broncos


Courtesy of @AtlantaFalcons on Twitter
Courtesy of @AtlantaFalcons on Twitter

There's plenty of options to choose from out wide, but there is little debate who the first two options would be: Julio Jones and Amari Cooper. Those names line the Alabama Crimson Tide record book and soon the NFL record books. The experience of both players cannot be denied, but even to this day cannot be matched by their collective athleticism.

I went with Jerry Jeudy over Calvin Ridley mostly because of the hype and situation. Currently, due to injury, Jeudy is the number one option in Denver, whereas Ridley still plays second fiddle to Julio. Ridley would certainly be number four for me, but I digress.

Overall, you couldn't ask for a better trio of route runners in the NFL.


  • OJ HOWARD, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

OJ Howard's career hasn't gotten off to the best start, but he is still unquestionable the best option at tight end. With Tom Brady joining the squad, Howard could see an uptick in production, though he will contend with Rob Gronkowski for targets, as well as an entire offense of diverse playmakers.

Howard's time has yet to truly come, but his raw athleticism and versatility in the passing game make him a worthy addition to this All-Bama team.


Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
Getty Images


  • CAM ROBINSON, Jacksonville Jaguars

With Jonah Williams yet to prove his worth in Cincinnati, there was only one way to go at left tackle. Cam Robinson has been one of the few mainstays in Jacksonville and has managed to carve out a respectable game despite the Jaguars' current trajectory.


  • BRADLEY BOZEMAN, Baltimore Ravens

Without a doubt one of the most underrated linemen in the entire NFL. Bozeman entered the league as a sixth-round pick, but has already started 30 games for the Ravens, leading the charge for the likes of Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram.



  • RYAN KELLY, Indianapolis Colts

One of the best centers in the league, Ryan Kelly is a bonafide leader for a Colts team that will now look to make a strong push in the AFC with Philip Rivers at quarterback.



  • DJ FLUKER, Baltimore Ravens

Fluker has been a bit of a journeyman in the NFL, but he's only gotten better with age and experience. He joins Bozeman in Baltimore with the tall task of replacing an all-time great in Marshall Yanda at right guard. Luckily for Fluker, the Ravens love to run the ball.



  • JEDRICK WILLS JR, Cleveland Browns

Shockingly, there won't be a starting right tackle from Alabama in the NFL as Jedrick Wills will man the left side for the Cleveland Browns. But for the sake of the composite we're doing, we'll stick Wills back on the right side.

In reality, Wills has the tall task of being the true replacement for future Hall of Famer Joe Thomas at left tackle. With the tenacity Wills brings to the game, there's little doubt he won't live up to the billing.



  • JK SCOTT, Green Bay Packers
NFC Championship - Green Bay Packers v San Francisco 49ers
Getty Images

As I mentioned before, there isn't a placekicker from Alabama in the NFL. That said, one of the best young punters in the NFL is JK Scott. Alabama fans have missed Scott just as much as a competent placekicker for the past few seasons and for good reason. Scott's punting can completely alter football games.

And yes, he can placekick.

Let it be known JK Scott is the only player to appear twice on this list.



  • JONATHAN ALLEN, Washington Football Team
  • DA'RON PAYNE, Washington Football Team
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
Getty Images

Much like the wide receivers, there are plenty of options at defensive lineman, but coming up with the correct three took some thought. Still, all three are versatile across a 3-4 front and can man each position effectively, in both the running and passing game.

As many defensive linemen as Alabama spits out, none of them are all-world just yet, though most play for objectively bad teams and haven't had a chance to put their abilities on full display to the world. Still, the experience of Jonathan Allen and Da'Ron Payne can't be denied. The duo has held down the defensive front in Washington for years. As for Quinnen Williams, his pass-rushing was a bit disappointing on the whole in his rookie season, but he's young on a rebuilt defense.



  • RYAN ANDERSON, Washington Football Team
  • ANFERNEE JENNINGS, New England Patriots

In a bizarre turn, these are the only two options at the edge position to choose from*, and neither are starters. Ryan Anderson may struggle to fit in Washington much longer in a 4-3 and the addition of Chase Young. Meanwhile, the New England Patriots were hurting at the edge so badly they selected Jennings after Michigan's Joshua Uche. It's an uphill battle for playing time for Jennings.

With Terrell Lewis on injured reserve in Los Angeles and Dont'a Hightower opting out as a versatile linebacker for New England, this is far and away the weakest position in terms of NFL experience on the All-Bama team.



  • RASHAAN EVANS, Tennessee Titans
  • MACK WILSON, Cleveland Browns
Tennessee Titans v Dallas Cowboys
Getty Images

One player who largely went unappreciated in the Titans stellar playoff run was Rashaan Evans. Evans was absolutely dominant in the postseason, mirroring his comrade Derrick Henry on the defensive side. Evans stock is on the rise and should the Titans' success continue, more eyes will be on him as he becomes a premier linebacker in the NFL.

Mack Wilson isn't on injured reserve, but he won't be available to start the season. He had a scary knee injury in practice a few weeks ago, but he'll be available for the Browns soon. Wilson hasn't captivated Browns fans just yet, but he certainly stepped up when called upon in his rookie season. At the very least, his trajectory is pointed straight up.



  • MARLON HUMPHREY, Baltimore Ravens
  • LEVI WALLACE, Buffalo Bills
  • TREVON DIGGS, Dallas Cowboys
Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks
Getty Images

Marlon Humphrey stands tall as one of the league's most feared cornerbacks. Disaster seems to strike any team daring to send the ball his way. He leads the way for the Bama cornerbacks which is surprisingly slim after so many years of success from the likes of Kareem Jackson and Dre Kirkpatrick who are on the back end of their respective careers.

Looking to the youth, Trevon Diggs earned himself a starting spot on the Dallas Cowboys opening day roster. Meanwhile, Levi Wallace remains one of the easiest players to root for in the entire league and will continue to play a key factor on a top-notch Bills defense.



  • MINKAH FITZPATRICK, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • LANDON COLLINS, Washington Football Team
Los Angeles Rams v Pittsburgh Steelers
Getty Images

Minkah Fitzpatrick very well could have been the 2019 defensive player of the year had teams continued to test him. I took no time for Fitzpatrick to rack up five interceptions once he was traded to Pittsburgh. Once he did, teams stopped entertaining the centerfielder.

Seriously. In weeks 1 through 8, Fitzpatrick faced 19 passes, intercepting 5 after joining the Steelers in Week 3. In weeks 9-17, e only saw five passes come his way.

As for Landon Collins, his star power diminished when he headed to Washington, but he certainly hasn't fallen off in his game too drastically. As a strong safety, he totaled his second-highest tackles in a season in his career in 2019. His two-year interception drought is concerning, but he's been used as a third linebacker more often than not in that time frame.

A bit of clarification, I stuck with picking a strong and free safety rather than two best overall safeties. Eddie Jackson is a free safety like Fitzpatrick. Objectively, Fitzpatrick is the better player, being a defensive player of the year candidate and all. That said, Jackson overcame a mountain of odds to become an elite free safety for the Chicago Bears and deserves all the respect in the world.

And there we have it, your 2020 All-Bama NFL team.

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