One of the most memorable and impacting coaches to ever coach Alabama football, Coach 'Bear' Bryant, is known to have always been wearing his houndstooth hat on game days. For Alabama fans, the hat is held at high regards in honor of Coach Bryant and everything he did for the University of Alabama.

The legendary houndstooth hat went up for auction last week with a starting bid of $500 and has already made its way up to $1,200. Many fans expect this hat to go for $10,000 plus. With that being said, this bid is nowhere close to ending, so if you are willing to sell an arm and a leg for this legendary keepsake, it can be all yours!

You may be wondering, how did someone get their hands on one of the most prized Alabama memorabilia to ever exist? Well, the story is definitely one to tell.

According to the auction site, the man who owns the hat right now is a local furniture salesman who was gifted the hat from a friend who owned a hotel. Coach Bryant had left his hat at the hotel and in an effort to return the hat, Bryant insisted that he keep it. Coach Bryant explained to the hotel owner that he had other hats and that it wasn't a big deal, but I guarantee you that the hotel owner thought otherwise. Little did the owner know, Coach Bryant had won 14 SEC titles and six National Championships while wearing the very hat that he was holding.

Description of the hat from the auction site:

“Black and white checkered size 7 3/8 hat shows heavy wear with feather in the band, red satin liner with “The Original Paul Bear Bryant” logo in the center and gold replica signature on the sweatband."

Lelands is running the auction and if you are interested in making a bid for the hat, click here.

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