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Junction Boy and Alabama Offensive Line Coach Dead at 85
Former Texas A&M 'Junction Boy' and Alabama offensive line coach Dee Powell has passed away at the age of 85. Powell played for legendary football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant at Texas A&M as senior in Bryant's first year. He coached the offensive line for the Crimson Ti…
The 8 Best Numbers in Alabama Football History
With the recent conversations surrounding retired numbers in sports, Alabama football comes to mind. The Crimson Tide have never officially retired a number, but many are considered "sacred" among players, alumni, and fans. Here are some of the best numbers worn by Alabama players.
Remembering the "Bear's" Legacy, 38 Years Later
Not only did “Bear” Bryant instill a legacy of winning and success, but in a time where Alabama was viewed as one of the worst places in America, Coach Bryant transformed the narrative from uneducated farmers to one of hard work, class, and humbleness.
Alabama's Top 5 Spookiest Matchup Against Mississippi State
Throughout the 100-plus year history between the Crimson Tide and the Bulldogs, there have been several memorable games that were nightmare-worthy for Alabama fans. In preparation for 'Bama's matchup against Mississippi State on Halloween, here are some of the scariest moments in the "…
2020: A Season to Reflect: Part II
Last week, I released the first half of my “2020: A Season to Reflect” series where I featured games corresponding with our opponents for the 2020 season. From the 2008 “Blackout Game” victory over Georgia in Athens to a legendary goal-line stand over Penn State in the Su…
2020: A Season to Reflect: Part I
If the day comes; however, that the season is canceled, I have set you up an Alabama football season from the past to reflect on some of the Crimson Tide’s best games. Each game corresponds with a 2020 opponent, and I have attached a YouTube video of the game for viewing.
Listen: Gaylon McCollough Interview
Click the video above to hear Wimp and Barry Sanderson's conversation with former Tide player Dr. Gaylon McCollough!

Dr. McCollough played center for the University of Alabama in the mid 60s, and later in life became a friend and medical advisor to his old coach, Bear Bryant.

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