During the 2022 Pro Bowl, NFL fans got to take in a unique family matchup between brothers. Former Alabama cornerback and Dallas Cowboys standout Trevon Diggs vs. his older brother and Buffalo Bills standout wide receiver Stefon Diggs.

Fans got a quick glimpse of this matchup during the Pro Bowl with a unique twist; Trevon went to his old position, wide receiver, and Stefon went to cover him at defensive back.

Surprisingly, as much as Trevon had the better chance of winning, given his experience playing the position, Stefon showed that he could be a lockdown corner himself.

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This leads to the question: Who would have the upper hand if they matched up in a real game?

The truth of the matter is, Trevon would win this matchup and here is why.

Trevon has the skillset and athleticism to get open on any defensive back, he also knows the ins and outs of being a wide receiver.

Knowing both positions so well gives him the ultimate edge over Stefon and enables him to win this matchup in the end.

The brothers are without a doubt two of the best athletes in the NFL, Stefon's knowledge of the wide receiver position creates a massive hypothetical challenge for Trevon.

One thing for sure is that the Diggs brothers have made their parents proud as they are both elite players in the NFL. A pair of Pro Bowl selections further prove that the brothers are among the best players in the world.

Will we ever get to see this matchup, who knows, but my money will be on Trevon Diggs coming out with the victory.

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