The Washington Football Team are in the midst of a three-game losing streak and Sunday night's blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys provided a boiling point for the Football Team's franchise.

As the Cowboys were in the middle of its 56-14 beatdown to secure the NFC East division title two of Washington's best players found themselves involved in an emotional place.

Former Alabama defensive lineman and both first round draft picks, Jonathan Allen and Daron Payne were seen on the sidelines involved in an altercation. The pair, upset at the way the game was unfolding, began to yell at one another. Payne stood first and put his finger into Allen's face. Allen responded by swatting Payne's finger away, standing and swinging his right hand at Payne.

Allen caught Payne with a glancing blow but the damage was done, Payne was seen the rest of the evening stewing on the sidelines over the incident.

Washington gave up nearly 500 yards of total offense on Sunday Night Football and allowed the Cowboys to score a touchdown on all six of its trips to the redzone.

After the game Payne chalked up the incident as a "brotherly disagreement" without elaborating much further. He said that sometimes fights happen between brothers and that the pair was ok after the game.

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Allen told the media the last two losses have been challenging as its, "some of the worst football I've ever been a part of."

"We're better than that, as a man I'm going to take full responsibility for my actions and Payne will do the same," said Allen.

Payne concluded the evening with five tackles, including two for a loss and a quarterback hit. Allen only totaled one tackle and a quarterback hit.

The Washington Football team will finish its season with divisional matchups against the Eagles and Giants.

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