Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa humbleness and pedigree starts from his upbringing back in Hawaii.

When Tagovailoa stepped on the field in the biggest game of the season, with a deficient a true freshman wasn't suppose to come back from, his poise and confidence to bring back number 17 to Tuscaloosa.

Praise came from many different angles after his performance, but the ones who know him best and the ones who knew his skill-set before he stepped onto Alabama's campus weren't surprised by his national championship performance, they expected it.

"When they went into the half, I was with a lot of our coaches and they were saying 'Jesus, I think their going to need to play Tua," Tua's offensive coordinator at Saint Louis School Ron Bell said. "And sure enough, when he ran out there on offense after the half, we all could see the difference in the whole team. It was like they got some life going, they were fired up, and right away they started to move the football."

Lee joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss how Tua developed through the high school ranks, and the memorable play in overtime to give Alabama their 17th national championship.

"The way he executed by looking away and coming back outside really came down to what we try to do at the high school, and that's getting a good pre-snap read," Lee said. "And really that coverage [Georgia] used was probably the worst coverage to be in for that particular play. Tua really picked that up on the pre-snap read and when saw that they were in Cover 2, he was going to go to the single because he had no other options, but how he set that up was a thing of beauty and what a great throw."

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