Lewis talked about how talented Tua Tagovailoa is and how his skill-set will translate to the NFL, he called him a talented and accurate passer and said he will transition to the pro game very well. Lewis complemented Tagovailoa's ability to move his feet in order to throw and find open space down the field.

A concern from the NFL level are the amount of injuries that Tagovailoa has endured during his college career, but Lewis commended his ability to recover and battle through the injuries. He said it would be up to the organization that drafts him to protect and preserve him.

Lewis complemented the faith of Tagovailoa and of Jalen Hurts in finding themselves in the position to be drafted this weekend. He said the adversity that Hurts faced in losing his job has helped him develop into the football player he is today.

Lewis talked about his decision to go to Alabama and play quarterback, he discussed the role prayer played into making such a life altering choice. Lewis described the feeling he had was one of peace in choosing the Crimson Tide despite joining a recruiting class with several other quarterbacks.

Lewis threw for 1,500 yards as a junior in the wishbone offense, he said it was easier to throw out of the wishbone. He called the pressure it put on the defenses, innovative as it caused defenses to choose whether they wanted to defend against the run or the pass.

Lewis discussed the coaching transition from Bear Bryant to Ray Perkins leading into his senior year. He talked about Perkins changing the offense and what that experience was like as a leader and as a player.

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Alabama Players in the NFL


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