Although all the flash comes from the offensive side of the football, it's defensive that wins, and three Alabama defensive players put on a show for NFL scouts during Alabama's Pro Day.

Linebacker Rashaan Evans and defensive lineman Da'Shawn Hand and Josh Frazier worked on drills together as the three champion defensive players prepare to play in the NFL.

Evans currently has a first round grade with ESPN's Todd McShay has him going as high as 17 to the Los Angeles Chargers and says "Evans is a thumper in the running game" and goes on to compliment him on his continuous effort on the field and his strong ability as a pass rusher.

“Rashaan has been a fantastic player for us," Coach Nick Saban said during Alabama's Pro Day. "He has always been a good person. He’s been a good leader, and he has always set a good example in terms of the things that he has done. He certainly was a very productive player for us in several different roles. I can’t say enough good things about what he’s done in terms of contribution to this program on and off the field.”

According to, Hand has a 2nd-3rd round grade with NFL analyst Paul Spicer complimenting him on his NFL size and could be a versatile defender, but some of Spicer's criticizing was he didn't show enough fire and urgency compared to the other Alabama defenders.

Josh Frazier has been quite throughout the draft process, but during the NFL Combine during the bench press, Frazier had 21 repetitions which was tied for 31st among the other defensive lineman.

Although he's performance will be overshadowed by Evans, Hand, and Da'Ron Payne, he hopes he's done enough at Alabama Pro Day to show recruits he can be a valuable starter on the next level.

For more of their workouts during Alabama's Pro Day, make sure you watch the video above the article.

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