As Halloween draws closer, many are scrambling, trying to track down the best trick-or-treating spot or make some last minute costume alterations, but for one coach this day is a little different each year. Nick Saban, as he does every year, celebrates his birthday on October 31st and, although coach still looks as spry as ever, (Look to the Geico ad for proof) will be turning 70 years old.

Across Saban's 44 year coaching career, he has accomplished just about all a coach can, winning seven national titles and cementing himself as one of the greatest of all time, but it's safe to say there are still some things the old coach would like to see.

With that said, here's what I think are seven things coach Saban would like to see for his 70th birthday.

#1 A Consistently Good Student Section

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The fans more than did their job against Tennessee, causing confusion amongst the Vols to the tune of 12 penalties that greatly affected the outcome of the game. Coach Saban, following the win, did something many watching from home may have missed. Leaving the tunnel and running back across the field to the student section, Saban planted himself ahead of the front row of students and thanked everyone there for their support. Coach has mentioned on multiple occasions his desire for a daunting stadium atmosphere, and I'm positive he would love more performances from the crowd like last Saturday.

#2 His Favorite Music in Bryant-Denny Stadium

Don't you think Saban would like to hear some of HIS favorite music in Bryant-Denny Stadium? He is the coach, after all. Imagine sitting in BDS after, yet another, domination of a weak opponent only to hear Saban's victory song, "Gimme Shelter", pour out through the loudspeakers. Gives me chills just thinking about it.

#3 Respect for Alabama's Opponents

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2021 marked the first time Saban lost to one of his former assistants. Alabama lost to a 3-2 Texas A&M team that many, myself included, did not even consider to be in the same league as the Crimson Tide. Saban has preached the same message for years of respecting your opponent, but clearly, since he must continually repeat himself each season, Bama fans have not gotten the message. Wouldn't it be nice to listen to Nick for just this once, and take every team seriously?

#4 More Primetime Games

It's no secret that Bryant-Denny Stadium's atmosphere during night games is simply unmatched. Underneath the crimson lights no other stadium in the country can top a fully loaded BDS. I know coach is getting up there in age, but I can almost guarantee he would trade some of his early nights if it meant getting a stadium like this every week.

#5 Consistent Offensive Line Play

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Alabama's 2021 season has been plagued with offensive line issues. Whether the issue be communication, scheme, or simply player fit, an obvious problem is there. While I am not qualified, or even knowledgeable enough, to tell coach how to fix it, it's probably safe to assume he would like to see it addressed. With the toughest stretch of the season looming ahead for Alabama, what better time to fix the offensive line than now for coach's birthday?

#6 A Date Night with Miss Terry

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Nick Saban is a busy man. Very Busy. Between travelling the country year round for both games and recruiting visits, I'd be willing to bet Nick and Miss Terry haven't sat down, just the two of them, in a while. With a nice looking BYE week before the Tide takes on LSU, maybe Saban just wants a nice night with his lovely wife.

#7 A Little Debbie Sponsorship


Little Debbie

Finally, what I think coach would like more than anything, is a sponsorship from his favorite brand of snack cake. Throughout his years as head coach at Alabama, Saban has widely been known for not only winning, but his affinity for Oatmeal Creme Pies. The Little Debbie treat is very well-known as coach's go-to breakfast, so what's up Debbie? Where's the brand deal?

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