The world of sports is filled with many great events, from soccer to basketball to golf, and every sport in between. We all stop what we're doing to watch, and the result is that we become the least productive members of society for that particular stretch of time. So this begs the question: which one is your favorite?

This was a conversation on The Gary Harris Show on Monday, but the more I thought about it, the harder it was for me to decide which was my favorite. I love soccer, and the FIFA World Cup is an international event like no other, but The Masters has so much tradition and history that it's difficult to not vote for. Along with those two, the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is a three-week-long tournament of absolute chaos. There's a reason they call it "March Madness."

Which sporting event do you skip work to watch? Which event do you look forward to as soon as it ends? Which one makes other people think you're an insane, irresponsible human being for being so passionate? There are many great events that happen each year, and some just happen every few years. Is it the rare events that you have fallen in love with, or are you a fan of the annual ones?

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