Here's a look at highlights of the second 30 minutes of Nick Saban, Eli Gold and media guest ** discussing this week's Alabama/Arkansas game. The show is broadcast from Baumhower's Victory Grille.

Segment three

On freshman Caleb Downs:: "What impressed me is his maturity. He's very coachable and focused. He wants to know everything about the defense. For a freshman that's unusual. He plays really well. He's got a lot of production.

"He s got the right stuff. People say we have a complicated defense. As long as your cats are better than your cats, you're good. His mom stays on him.

"We've had over 30 defensive backs drafted. Their background in our coverage concepts is probably helpful."

A caller was upset fans are overlooking Arkansas. Saban: "I agree with you. Everyone should realize Arkansas is a hung team... and they have not had the success they deserve.

""Itt's not a time for us to be complacent. They're bigger and more physical than in the past.

"Nobody should have expectations this is not going to be a tough game."

How is that prevented among players? "Success can be an enemy to us all. That's human nature. You did well.. You won at Texas A&M. Now you've got another challenge.

"You have tg be adaptable when the game comes. We won 19 games in a row twice. We lost the 20th both times because of [complacency].

"Getting everybody ready to play is not easy. That's the challenge.

"A guy told me today we're 29-point favorites. I don't think we're two-point favorites.

"You want people to be motivated internally, but [social media and cell phones] are affecting what they do."

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Segment four

Saban always closes by giving his weekly "Final Word," and this was it:

"I would tell the team to raise your energy level. We've got to have great energy and enthusiasm in our stadium with the players  and the fans. Be as supportive and positive to help us get the outcome you want.

'We need to create a great atmosphere for homecoming. These players have worked hard.  Nobody should be satisfied. Have a positive attitude. That will help our team more than anything you can do"

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