With the recent scheduling of the 2027 game against the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus, Ohio Alabama fans need to get ready for the trip.

The last trip to a Big Ten teams home field was in 2011 against Penn State, it’s important to remember that the atmosphere is different than at SEC games. 

According to ncaa.com The Horseshoe has a listed capacity of 102,082 fans, the sixth highest listed capacity in the country, which would make it the fourth largest stadium in the SEC behind Texas A&M, Tennessee and LSU. So the crowd will be extremely loud and very electric during this matchup between the two college football juggernauts. 

Also with the trip to Columbus it’s important to know that weather will play a big factor in the game, since it will be a lot colder on the Olentangy River in September than in Tuscaloosa, so I’d bring a jacket if you plan on making the trip. 

If you are planning on making the trip to Columbus for the game I would suggest if you have time to stop before the game I would recommend going to Kings Island, an Amusement park in West Chester, Ohio. If you aren’t into roller coasters and more into history I would recommend one of the many museums throughout Ohio, but especially my favorite The Wright Brothers Museum, in Dayton, Ohio. If you are looking for food while in Ohio for the game I highly recommend trying Skyline, the whole state is known for its chili.

All in all the Home-and-Home series scheduled against Ohio State will be a great all around experience for Crimson Tide fans.

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