The SEC has released its Preseason Football Media Poll that was voted on by media members at SEC Media Days.

Georgia was the favorite to win the East wit 265 first-place votes and 2,011 points, followed by Tennessee at No. 2 with 1,682 points (14 first-place votes), South Carolina at No. 3 with 1,254 points (three first-place votes), Kentucky at No. 4 with 1,204 points (one first-place vote), Florida at No. 5 with 911 points, Missouri at No. 6 with 658 points, and Vanderbilt at No. 7 with 428 votes (eight first-place votes).

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Alabama was the favorite to win the West with 165 first-place votes and 1,899 points, followed by LSU at No. 2 with 1,838 points (117 first-place votes), Texas A&M at No. 3 with 1,144 points (one first-place vote), Ole Miss at No. 4 with 1,128 points, Arkansas at No. 5 with 958 points (three first-place votes), Auburn at No. 6 with 685 points (Four first-place votes), and Mississippi State at No. 7 with 496 points (one first-place vote).

Georgia is the favorite to win the SEC Championship with 181 points, followed by Alabama at No. 2 with 62 points, LSU at No. 3 with 31 points, Tennessee and Vanderbilt tied for No. 4 with five points, Arkansas and Auburn tied for No. 5 with two points, and Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and South Carolina tied at No. 6 with one point.

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Alabama at 2023 SEC Media Days

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