Photo Courtesy of @BamaCentral on Twitter
Photo Courtesy of @BamaCentral on Twitter

Over the last three seasons, the Alabama Crimson Tide is 27-3 but the Tide has been unable to accomplish the primary goal of winning a national championship. Most Alabama fans have pointed to defensive deficiencies as the primary reason the Tide has been unable to emerge victorious over top-tier teams the last three seasons.

Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding took over calling the defense midway through the 2018 season after having previously served as the defensive coordinator at several other small schools.

Some Alabama fans hold the opinion that Golding is in over his head in the SEC after previously working at Tusculum College, Delta State, Southeastern Louisiana and UTSA.

Leading the Crimson Tide, Golding's defenses have given up 343 yards per game, 18.5 points per game and has forced 1.7 turnovers per game. For some fans, these numbers are not good enough to win championships and those fans would like to see a change in leadership.

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Nick Saban hired Charlie Strong to the Crimson Tide staff as a defensive analyst this past offseason after he was fired from USF. Strong has a long history as a defensive coordinator and head coach at several Power 5 schools. He served as either defensive coordinator or head coach at South Carolina, Florida, Louisville, Texas and South Florida.

As a head coach at Louisville, Texas and South Florida, Strong's defenses gave up 368 yards per game, 24.4 points per game and forced 1.64 turnovers per game.

Fans have called for Strong to take over as the new Crimson Tide defensive coordinator; however, several reasons prevent Saban from making that move, the primary reason being financial. Strong is being paid $2.5 million from South Florida in a buyout that he would likely lose if he were to accept a high profile, high paying job. As an analyst Strong is likely making between $20,000 and $60,000 in order to keep his buyout money rolling in from the Bulls.

Golding is earning $1.25 million this season as Crimson Tide defensive coordinator, while the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many things out of order, it has affected athletic departments throughout the country. The Alabama athletic department has announced they are staring at a $75 million shortfall this season.

Golding is costing the Tide less money and even in a smaller sample size his defenses have been more productive than Strong's. The Crimson Tide fan base needs to get on board with Golding, as there will not be a coordinator change during the 2020 season.

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