As Alabama fans may know, Will Reichard, one of the nation's most reliable kickers will be playing his final season this fall. Reichard holds the school's highest made field goal percentage and is only the second kicker at Alabama to remain perfect for the season.

With enormous shoes to fill, Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide made an effort to recruit one of the nation’s leading prospects out of Chicago, Illinois. Conor Talty, who’s 6-1, 195-pounds is the nation's No. 2 overall kicker according to Chris Sailer Kicking.

Talty made 9-of-13 field goal attempts and a near-perfect 51-of-52 extra points last season. With incredible leg strength, Talty can make field goals of 55+ with ease and has the ability to be an effective punter as well.

Talty is known to be cool under pressure and loves to compete. Just the guy Saban and Crimson Tide fans could hope for.

Saban and his staff first offered Talty back on July 19, and it only took him a day to accept the offer before posting it to social media. Alabama was the first D1 school to offer him a scholarship; it surely won’t be the last.

While I’m going to miss the consistency and leg strength of Will Reichard, I feel comfortable enough to say that we are in good hands with Conor Talty.

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