The Jacksonville Jaguars are halfway through their season, having completed eight games. Unfortunately for them, they are also halfway to a winless season.

After eight games, it'd be hard to imagine the Jaguars finding a way to win a game. The closest they've come so far has been a 19-9 loss to the Oakland Raiders in Week Two. Jacksonville is last in the league in scoring defense (31.7 points per game), rush defense (153.3 yards per game), rush offense (63 yards per game), total offense (282 yards per game), and scoring offense (10.9 points per game). Their incompetence this season has been staggering.

However, they have some truly winnable games coming up after their Week Nine bye. Only one of their final eight opponents, the Indianapolis Colts, has a winning record. They play the Houston Texans twice, who may be in the process of parting ways with quarterback Matt Schaub for good. The Jags may be a bad team, but they will be facing plenty of other bad teams in their final eight games. Maybe one of those games will result in a win.

Will the Jacksonville Jaguars go 0-16?

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