Based on the game that happened on Saturday our Alabama team put up a good fight against Texas A&M. From the looks of how our team played against the Aggies we put up a good fight, but unfortunately it was not enough. Based on what people were saying on Instagram there were a lot of comments about our team and what happened. 

In this first Instagram post it shows how the players are performing and what they could have done to make this game a lot better. This post is by alabamafbl and this is called “All Focus” because it shows how much concentration these players needed to get a touchdown. 

In the next post it show on how much effort these guys were putting in to keep these guys from scoring. It shows us a post about our players blocking a punt taking place. Even though we put up a good fight I feel like we could have done better with our defense. 

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Lastly, in the final post it shows the score of who won and lost the game. In the end it was Texas A&M-41 and Alabama-38. When you see a scoreboard, it makes you think about what has happened today. Even though we did not win today we cannot let it get the best of us. I just know that if we keep fighting the good fight then nothing can keep us from achieving our goals. 

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