After ten years, Reggie Bush will finally be allowed back on the campus of his alma mater. In 2010, the former Heisman winner came under fire for illegally accepting benefits during his time at USC, but now the school is finally willing to accept him. This is extremely overdue.

During his time as Trojan, Bush was a monster on the field. As a  junior running back he accounted for over two thousand offensive yards, 1,740 of which were rushing. Bush had 16 rushing touchdowns and two receiving. In the famous 2006 Rose Bowl, Bush accounted for 177 offensive yards and a touchdown. As a kickoff returner, Bush had over one hundred yards.

In total, Bush finished his college career with 3,169 rushing yards, 1,301 receiving yards, and 38 total touchdowns.

The aforementioned 2006 Rose Bowl is one of my favorite college football games of all time. It was in my early years as a football fan, and it set the stage of the sport for me. While the Vince Young-led Texas Longhorns won the ’05 title, I was educated on the blue blood power of Texas and USC. Reggie Bush was a hero for many of the current college players, and he inspired much of the talent in the NFL today.

The controversy in question centered around Bush accepting expensive gifts which at first he denied. He later admitted to doing so, and USC laid down the law. Southern Cal would “disassociate” themselves from Bush and get rid of his Heisman trophy in the athletic facility.

Since then, Bush has seemed to accept the consequences of his actions and according to Bleacher Report, he has “said he would like to work with the Heisman Trustees to establish an educational program which would assist student-athletes and their families to help avoid the mistake that he made.”

In my opinion, this is the epitome of a Heisman winner. Much like football, a Heisman winner’s life is surely full of “bad games”- low points in their life- and while Bush broke a rule, he has since recovered and has turned his life into a lesson for his teammates- up and coming football players that looked up to the star.

So to the Heisman Trustees, I say this, “Yes, Reggie Bush broke the rules so his record isn’t clean, but remember that these football players are more than an athlete- they are a human being working to help their families.” To USC, “Shame on you for removing this trophy while keeping O.J. Simpson’s trophy displayed." And to you, the reader, take a step back and realize you could be watching the next Reggie Bush- the next star that while they may mess up and break a rule, they could be inspiring a whole new generation of football player.

If you have forgotten the prowess of the mid-2000s USC and Reggie Bush, here are some of his highlights, and here are some highlights from the legendary 2006 Rose Bowl.

Alabama will be taking on USC in the season opener. This game is scheduled for September 5th, and it will take place in Dallas.

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