On Tuesday night, AJ McCarron made his weekly appearance on The Game and shared his opinion on what Alabama football needs to improve upon following the loss to Ole Miss.

By Wednesday morning, McCarron's comments had become the #1 trending topic on Facebook and nearly every major sports outlet had picked up the story.

So the former Alabama quarterback returned to the talk show to discuss the reaction to his interview and clarify some of the comments he made on leadership, which he felt were blown out of proportion.

"I mis-worded (my comments) last night and I'll admit that," McCarron told host Ryan Fowler. "What I meant, and I gave an example right after I said that, was a vocal leader. So that's what I should have said, vocal leader. I mentioned last night that they have plenty of leaders on this team. I named numerous ones last night.

"I asked with (Ryan Kelly) being out, 'Who was going to be that vocal guy that steps up now?' And I asked, 'Is that Blake Sims? Does he need to step up into that role?' That's not a negative in any way."

McCarron elaborated some more on the different types of leadership, but he also took some time to reiterate how much he supports this Crimson Tide team, especially quarterback Blake Sims, who he talks to often.

"If you look at my tweets from this past weekend or listen to any of the interviews we've had this season, I've been one of the biggest supporters saying, 'Hey, we're going to be fine. We're on the right track.'

"Even after the game, I tweeted out that they said we couldn't do it in 2011 and 2012 after one loss, but we did it then. So I don't understand how the things I said got turned in such a negative way."

You can listen to McCarron's response to the criticism in the video at the top of the page.