Scrimmage number two took place today this afternoon and was a good show of balance from the team - according to Coach DeBoer.

There is not too much new to talk about so just the basic updates from here.

"Balance" was the key theme of this scrimmage. Both sides of the ball held their own and neither the defense nor the offense overpowered. This was welcomed by the coach as he was happy that the defense made progress in defending the run, and the offense took the right steps in the passing game pass protection-wise, and through the skill positions. Brockermeyer has taken advantage of his reps and has gotten better using his opportunities wisely.

Injury updates:

Jaeden Roberts was injured in today's scrimmage, but it was nothing serious, and he was on crutches afterward. He should be fine and there will be follow-up evaluations to come.

Brailsford: Parker is still with the team and is dealing with non-football-related issues. Deboer stressed that "this is not a transfer thing and he didn't do anything wrong, its nothing like that."

Overall the key takeaways heading into A-day are that both sides are progressing consistently, making the adjustments necessary, and the team is embracing what's being thrown at them in this install period.

Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics
Crimson Tide Photos / UA Athletics

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