Edge linebacker coach Sal Sunseri is a colorful guy and a damned-good football coach. His edge linebackers needed some hard coaching during the second period of the viewing period as they were working on pass-rushing moves.

Jacob Harrison | Tide 100.9

Starters Will Anderson and Chris Allen took the brunt of the shouting when they each made the slightest mistakes at the beginning of the drill. Of course, this is a game of inches, and the slightest mistakes can result in huge offensive gains for the opponent. It's just another day in the sun in Tuscaloosa for these guys.

The edge linebackers are coming into form though. From Anderson to Allen, Braswell to Sanders, Turner to Mikwuta, this group looks explosive and calculated. This rotation is similar to what we saw on Friday. We'll have to wait to see how interchangeable these groups are closer to September.

Jacob Harrison | Tide 100.9

The off-ball linebackers showcased disciplined athleticism with agility drills during the period. Freshman Deonte Lawson is keeping up well with veterans Christian Harris and Jaylen Moody. This was also my first real look at Henry To'o To'o. He's smooth athletically and is lean physically.

It appears Justin Eboigbe will resume his role on the defensive front in lieu of LaBryan Ray, who is currently dealing with a groin injury. Eboigbe lined up for one sled drill opposite of Phidarian Mathis with Jamill Burroughs between them.

While the return of Ray is one we'll have to monitor and wait for, the return of tight end Jahleel Billingsley was not. According to many sources, Billingsley was on the practice field Monday after Nick Saban said in a press conference Sunday Jahleel would have to "buy into the principles and values of the team and be a good teammate." Saban assured during Sunday's press conference the junior had the "respect of his teammates,"  and hoped he'd return in the next few days. With No. 19's early return, it appears this was a quick story without much to fear on the backend.

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Jacob Harrison | Tide 100.9

In the passing game, we did get to see a bit more out of the receivers and quarterbacks. Bryce Young is taking first-team reps with Paul Tyson following in second and Jalen Milroe third. The receivers ran routes on air according to depth it would appear, as Young threw to John Metchie, Javon Baker and Slade Bolden. Tyson threw to Jameson Williams, Traeshon Holden, and Thaiu Jones-Bell. Milroe threw to Ja'Corey Brooks, Agiye Hall and Christian Leary.

On the offensive line, it appears Damieon George may have taken a step back in the right tackle race. Kendall Randolph is still getting the early reps there while JC Latham took a few in that spot between them. Alabama is still a long way off on finding its best five, but the right tackle position remains the biggest question mark of the team.

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