The annual SEC spring meetings took place in Destin, FL this week, bringing all 14 of the league's coaches as well as representatives from each school together in one room to discuss the future of the conference.

Many topics were discussed among the various movers and shakers from the prestigious league, but one potential change that was proposed could have a massive impact on the offseason calendar moving forward.

Per Mike Rodak of, the University of Alabama proposed a change to the existing intra-conference transfer deadline that would push the final day for a player to transfer within the SEC and remain eligible from February 1 to May 1.

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As of now, players within the conference that wish to transfer to another SEC school and not sit out for a season have to enter the transfer portal by February 1 while those who wish to leave the conference altogether can wait until May 1.

While the idea of aligning the SEC's deadline with that of the NCAA seems to make sense, some of the league's most prominent voices shared their disapproval.

Lane Kiffin of Ole Miss said, "I would guess that’s going to stay where it is. I think you open up a long time that your players can go,” Kiffin continued, "Someone kind of joked they’re not going to put their spring game on TV, because you’re saying, ‘Hey, here’s our best players. Come get them.’ I think that is probably something that will stay, in my opinion. Doesn’t mean that was everyone’s opinion. But that’s really difficult.”

With the approval of this proposed plan, players would essentially be allowed to remain with one team all the way through the spring period before deciding to transfer within the same conference; something that Georgia's Kirby Smart also touched on, saying, "I think that it’s tremendously difficult to go through three-to-four months of workouts and spring practice and then have your roster change within your conference."

While the proposed change from Alabama would certainly make it easier for student athletes to transfer within their own conference, the push back from certain voices within the SEC may keep it from ever happening.

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