Alabama is taking its bye week this Saturday in preparation for the LSU Tigers next week, but that doesn't mean that college football stops in its tracks. The Tide may not be playing, but the Auburn Tigers and Ole Miss Rebels will do battle. With a Rebel loss, the Crimson Tide will slide into second place in the SEC West by default, so will Alabama fans be cheering for the Tigers this weekend?

It seems counter-intuitive, and quite frankly blasphemous, for Alabama fans to want Auburn to win a game, but should the Tigers pull the upset against the Rebels on Saturday, then the Tide will control its own destiny concerning winning the division and ultimately, making the College Football Playoff for the second consecutive season.

However, Ole Miss will have three more conference games left after Auburn (hosting both Arkansas and LSU, then traveling to Mississippi State). There's a chance they can lose at least one of those remaining games. Alabama doesn't need Auburn to win, but they do need Ole Miss to lose at some point this season (assuming the Tide beats LSU next week).

So what say ye? Are you pulling for Auburn, or are you willing to wait and see if Ole Miss will drop another game later in the season?