The prospect of playing college football without fans is a strong possibility. If that comes to fruition, how will college football programs across the country deal?

CBS Sports's Barrett Sallee joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to give his thoughts on how college football could handle playing in empty venues should that become reality.

During the conversation Sallee talks about whether the Crimson Tide will take on the USC Trojans week one in 110 days, the potential of having fans at games, and the liability of players participating amid the pandemic.

"We're adults, we make adult decisions," Sallee said. "Even college students are adults."

He also discussed if the college athletics model can actually survive financially without fans in attendance.

"I think from a financial standpoint, you don't necessarily need [fans in attendance,]" he said. "I think you don't have fans, or you limit the number of fans at any given stadium, then that TV contract actually goes up in terms of value because you're operating a major TV event moreso than in the past."

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