Former Alabama and Miami Dolphins defensive linemen Bob Baumhower joined Inside the Locker Room this week to talk about his career at the Capstone and his time playing for Don Shula and the Miami Dolphins. You can listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or on the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.

Baumhower moved to Tuscaloosa in his senior year of high school and Coach Bryant found him while watching film on another player. He mentioned that Bryant and Shula had many similarities, in the way they cared about their players and the vision they possessed to get their team to where they wanted it to be.

The defensive lineman admitted that prior to his sophomore year at Alabama he considered giving up football but his father and Coach Bryant talked him out of quitting. By the end of the meeting with his father and Coach Bryant, Baumhower admitted that he was begging to come back to the team.

He talked about being moved to nose-guard with Miami and not enjoying the change of position but Coach Shula was able to explain the importance of the position to him and he learned to embrace the new role.

He expressed thankfulness for both the legendary coaches for providing him direction and vision for his life in which he's carried into adulthood.

Baumhower spoke about playing in Miami and the difference in the climate and how that affects players. He expects Tua Tagovailoa and Raekwon Davis to do well with the Dolphins. Baumhower talked about the five guys who played with Dolphins and at Alabama and how the connection between the two programs grew stronger with this past NFL Draft.

Listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or Youtube. You can listen to Inside The Locker Room each weekday from 7-9 a.m. on Tide 100.9 FM or stream it on the Tide1009APP.

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