Bradley Bozeman has had an interesting NFL career to say the least. After being drafted in sixth round to the Baltimore Ravens, he was moved from his original position, center, to left guard. Eventually, after 2 years in the NFL, Bozeman returned to being a starting center for Baltimore.

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Now the Alabama native finds himself as the starting center for the Carolina Panthers:

Recently, Bozeman joined Tide 100.9's Ryan Fowler to discuss how his offseason went, as well as how Alabama prepared him for the National Football League.

In regards to how he handled free agency, Bozeman simply said, "It's one of those things where you kind of put everything you can out on the football field, you let your actions speak, you let your play speak."

Bozeman went on to say, "It gets a little stressful but other than that, you've done what you've done and you let your actions speak."

When asked about Alabama preparing him for the NFL, Bozeman said that being part of the Crimson Tide helped immensely.

"It taught me a lot of valuable lessons. It taught me how to work hard, how to get after, grind through the adversity." Bozeman continued," In college, everyone is just as big as you are, everyone is just as talented, to grind through adversity...I definitely think it gave me that edge."

Bozeman was also asked about his favorite memory coming out of Alabama, and many will relate to his favorite. "I just think back to that championship game of 2017-2018 season...the way that we won it."

Bozeman also stated, "I really don't think we were the most talented Alabama team to go through, I thought that we were the grittiest, I thought we were one of the hardest working, hard playing...played with a purpose."

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