Scott Moore of "iTalkSEC" and "The Jay Barker Show" joined Host Gary Harris Monday morning following Alabama's 46-41 loss to LSU to recap the game and evaluate the Crimson Tide's performance.

"You can point to four or five different things," Moore told Host Harris. "For LSU you just say hey look we executed our offense, we did what we had to do. Gary, I hate to use this analogy but it was like a video game."

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"LSU got four out of the final five possessions of the first half," Moore continued. "Scored 24 points, but the bottom line is one mistake here and one mistake there it can be fatal and it was Saturday."

You can listen to Gary's full conversation with Scott Moore as they recap and review Alabama's toughest game yet in their 46-41 loss to LSU.

"We're about to find out the character of this football team now," Moore discussed with Harris. "They got it to a one-possession ball game twice, and just could not make the stop. Tackling was bad, people were lined up wrong. We can make excuses, but let's give credit to LSU."

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