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The University of Alabama and Auburn have ruled the collegiate football here in Alabama. Alabama with 17 nattys and Auburn with 2 or 3. We're the only state that has a total of 20 national championships in whole. With college football being back, it's undeniable that we're all stoked to the core.

Lat night UAB played a hard fought battle with a decent FCS school named Central Arkansas. 45-35 UAB in Birmingham, Alabama. Breylin Smith threw for 193 yard, 3 TD's and 1 INT. Kierre Crossley rushed for 59 yards with 10 carries. But the most astonishing stat is, Christian Richmond returned only 4 kicks but with a whooping 116 yards in total bringing an average at 29 yards per return which is a feat for any return man.

I beg the question, is UAB the next power house? Just a few years ago their football program was shut down due to money issues and just a year of being back they finished 11-3 with a huge win against Northern Illinois State at the Boca Raton Bowl. With a ton of players staying in Alabama and plenty coming to play at our major universities. Would it be a bad idea for a 3 or 4 star local kid to go play in Birmingham?

In my eyes, playing for a low tier team as a large star player will help you showcase your skills on a more public level, which brings more chances to play in the league.

Think about this though.... could South Alabama be a contender for the next great football school in the state?

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