With spring practice in the books and the start of fall practice still three months away, it’s time to get out the red ink pen relative to grading Alabama football’s spring practice.

For this week’s “Capstone Report with DC” segment, former Alabama fullback Martin Houston and DC from Golden Shores Productions provided their grades concerning the overall quarterback position in the spring.

“I think I’d give it a B- maybe a C+ just because I think the depth and experience pulls that overall number down if you have to be honest.” DC said.

The Alabama football observer also detailed his concern for the depth at quarterback the following grade.

“Depth you got to say a C, an overall C. If Tua (Tagovailoa) goes down, there’s really no one behind him that’s played a full game. We haven’t got a full game player behind him. I hate to bring up Jalen Hurts, but last year, we always knew if Tua went down, we had a guy who won 26 games that could come in and play. We don’t have that this year.” DC said.

In the rest of the conversation, find out what grades DC gives the quarterbacks for their intangibles, talent and experience.

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