Before Alabama takes on Florida at 6:00 p.m. at Coleman Coliseum, Crimson Tide Sports Network's new voice of Alabama football spent some time with Tide 100.9 to discuss Eli Gold and Stewart's new role with the Crimson Tide Sports Network.

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Stewart opened the conversation by saying how special Alabama is and what it means to him,

"The thing that makes it as special as it is, it's Alabama first and foremost. It's a program I've followed and been a fan of since I've been a child, but on a personal and professional level, what makes it as meaningful as it does is because of Eli, and before him Paul Kennedy, and before him, John Forney. Having been friends with all three of them, having as much respect for all of them as I do, and being chosen to be next is an incredible honor. I'm so grateful that I got a chance to be chosen to try and maintain the standard that's been set by Eli and those before him. It's an incredible honor, I'm very thankful for it."

Is Stewart going to continue being the voice of Alabama basketball?

"Oh yeah, no question about it. Just like it's been with baseball before, and I know Roger [Hoover] is doing the radio play-by-play. That decision was made before this took place. I will also do some baseball for SEC Plus on the streaming side. If there's conflict, football will take priority until that season ends. I'll still do basketball games once football begins, it'll just be, if there's a conflict, football comes first. There's really no change there. My schedule is that way because I've done Coach Saban's TV show for more than a decade, and I'll continue to do Coach DeBoer's television show."

Will Stewart take over on 'Hey Coach!"?

"I will, yes. Just as I did two years ago when he was sick, I will do both."

Stewart had one final comment for Alabama and its fans:

"I'm beyond grateful that I can do the job because four and a half and six years ago. first the stroke and then the bypass myself, and the infection I got, there were a lot of questions about whether I could continue. So I'm grateful that I can do it, but I'm more grateful that I would be allowed and chosen to do what I'm doing now."

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