Dr. David Williams joined The Game with Ryan Fowler yesterday to discuss his latest article "Ray of Hope". Williams was on previously to discuss his first article "The Truth (And Lies) About Coronavirus". You can hear the entire interview on Soundcloud or on the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.

Dr. Williams said the only thing that concerns him from a number standpoint is the fact that people do not have to have coronavirus to die of it. He claimed that the majority of people only have mild symptoms if they come down with COVID-19. He said that the overall numbers are rising because that is the nature of diseases. Williams claimed that the increase in cases is not rising at a rate that he would not expect.

Williams concluded this has been a financial disaster for hospitals but also claimed that hospitals have an incentive to list all respiratory deaths as deaths due to COVID-19.

"You literally can die of any respiratory condition and they can call it COVID," Williams said.

Williams had strong comments in regards to immunity and whether quarantine is an effective strategy.

Williams does say that COVID-19 is more deadly with the typical coronavirus and says that typically humans do not deal with coronavirus.

The doctor went on to talk about masks and said that they are not necessarily effective in protecting oneself but help in protecting others that you come in contact with.

Dr. Williams still called for a total reopening of the state and the country. He said that what has happened in the previous few months is that a certain fear has set into our nation and that will prevent people from returning to normal everyday life. He believes that this fear will create a void that will be difficult to overcome financially.

Dr. Williams expressed the reason he is so angry with the current response and state of the nation.

The Tuscaloosa doctor would offer advice to the political leaders and calls for a reopening of the economy.

"I do not think we should have shut down the economy for a single day," said Williams.

Dr. Williams said when the state and nation does inevitably reopen that the numbers for the virus will undoubtedly go up and we should be prepared for that.

He said he would feel comfortable going into a stadium full of fans at Bryant-Denny Stadium tomorrow if there is a game.

Listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or on Youtube and form your own opinions. Listen to The Game with Ryan Fowler on Tide 100.9 FM or stream it anywhere on TIDE1009APP.

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