As Nick Saban approaches another season, the questions on not only how more national championships the coach has under his belt, but how long does he have coaching at Alabama.

Opposing coaches uses Saban's age and potential retirement in recruiting and Saban has added more youth to his coaching staff this off-season, but according to one college football analyst, he shows no sign of finishing coaching anytime soon.

ESPN's Chris Low joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss Saban having a ton left in the tank in coaching, not changing his coaching philosophy despite coaching turnover each season and what’s fair expectation for the Crimson Tide every season.

For more of Low's analysis on Saban and the rest of the Alabama Crimson Tide, make sure you watch the video above the article. Don't miss The Game with Ryan Fowler weekday afternoons from 2-6 p.m. for the latest surrounding the Crimson Tide.

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