The Alabama Crimson Tide has been dominating opponents in the first five games of the season and it's beginning to be hard to watch. So much so that fans aren't attending the games.

The fan attendance during the Alabama/Louisiana game caught the attention of head coach Nick Saban and he had a lot to say during his press conference on Wednesday about the fans not showing up.

"I can honestly say I was a little disappointed that there weren't more student at the last game and I think we're trying to address that," Saban told reporters on Wednesday. "Me personally, I think it ought to be first come, first serve, and if they don't want to come to the games they don't have to come. But I'm sure there's enough people around here that like to go to the games, and we'd like for them to come too, because they support the players."

Saban also continued to address how important it was for the fans to show up and support not only the program, but the players on the field.

"Our players work too hard and they deserve to have everything and people supporting them in every way and have tremendous spiirt for what they've done. There has to be a spirit that makes it special to play here because that's what makes it special to be here. And it that's not here, does it continue to be special to be here or not?"

"We've always had great people travel on the road with us and had great spirit on the road and we've got great fans, so appreciate that. But to see half the student section not full, I've never seen that since I've been here before."

Ryan Fowler, host of The Gameasked his Twitter followers and his listeners what they thought about Saban's comments about the fan attendance and here is what some fans had to say.

Some fans believe that all it's going to take is one song and the fans will start rolling in again.

To listen to the fans who reacted when they called into The Game, make sure you watch the video above the article.

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