Adam Ward, the play-by-play broadcaster for the Fyffe Red Devils in Alabama, joined Tidal Talk to discuss everything from Alabama Sports to the Pro Leagues.

Adam Ward is also a recent winner of the ABBY for Small Market Radio Sportscaster for his work with the Red Devils.

Talking about winning an ABBY, Ward said "It's hard to describe...there are times in this have days where you're looking for vindication you're looking for clarification..."

One of the hot button issues currently in college athletics right now is should the players be played. While all the hosts of Tidal Talk have weighed in, the question was posed to Adam and his response was one of him believing it will happen soon.

"...I do think this is a train that is unavoidable...I think we're headed down a dangerous track though...I think ultimately we're going to see some sort of legislation come out that's going to force us to start paying these athletes..."

When asked about the final minutes of Alabama Men's Basketball, Adam first gave Alex Reese thanks for his unbelievable 3 pointer to tie the game and send it into overtime.

" was almost like a recap was going on the entire game...because I'm like man we've been in this situation before oh we've been in this situation was almost unbelievable that we did as well as we did in year number two..."

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