As we know, the Crimson Tide rules everything around us in West Alabama and we always keep tabs on former players. Easy to do with Twitter. Marlon “Marlo” Humphrey has some pretty entertaining tweets. Click here to follow him.

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Humphrey is from Hoover, Alabama, and was a Cornerback for Alabama in 2015 and 2016. He now plays in the NFL for the Baltimore Ravens. His football career is quite impressive even back to his high school days. However, it’s his Twitter that keeps me going.

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The other day he posted a very thought-provoking question on Twitter, “First time in Tuscaloosa, and you have time for one dinner. Where you going??”

This made me really think.

Seriously, where would I go? The pressure, only time for ONE DINNER?????

Listen, food in the South is on another level. Just like our football. People come from all across the United States for some Crimson Tide football and our dining options in Tuscaloosa.

Truth be told, I believe that some of my family and friends only visit me for a rack of rib from Dreamland and a place to crash during football season.

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Back to the question from Humphrey on Twitter!

“First time in Tuscaloosa, and you have time for one dinner. Where you going??”


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As for me, I would go with an iconic spot. It would have to be a spot with great people along with incredible food and drinks. My dinner spot would be hands down Nicks in the Sticks.

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As for the fans of Humphrey, the answers ranged, from Chucks, Archibald’s, River, Dreamland, Tut’s, Taco Casa, and the list goes on and on.

So, I ask you what would be your dinner spot? Send me a message on our free app or feel free to comment on Facebook.

(Source) Click here to follow the Twitter page of Marlon Humphrey.

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