On this week’s Wednesday edition of Inside The Locker Room With Wimp and Barry Sanderson, the duo hosted JC Shurburtt, the 12-year-veteran writer from 247Sports. This interview covers a wide range of topics, such as: What attending a college football game this fall could look like, strength of coming football schedules in the SEC, difficult conversations on race in sports, and even protesting during professional sporting events.

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“I think listening is what will get us all through this. Because I think, nowadays, with social media… no one is really interested in listening. They’re more interested in directing words on a screen and I think that’s what is unfortunate. What has caused a lot of this issues is that people really do care, but if they don’t say it or write something a certain way or to somebody’s liking - they get torched," said Shurburtt.

In their discussion concerning statements released by teams and other important sports figures, Shurburtt gave Wimp and Barry his take on the public relations-firestorms that some are facing.

Later in the interview, Shurburtt spoke about his experience as a native South Carolinian; more specifically, the historical culture on the campuses of Clemson and the University of South Carolina. Shurburtt stated, “I think if you look at the facts of certain parts of Southern history, you can kinda dig into exactly what happened… maybe we should take a page out of that and kind of rethink this sort of clutching to what was a dark, but necessary period in our country…”

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